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Misty Forest

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Choose Your Resilient Life

Comprehensive workshop oriented webInars for identifying and making effective lifestyle changes.

Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyles

This educational series examines how immune health affects aging, wellness, and overall quality of life

Rock Balancing

De-Stress! Find Your Mojo

These workshop oriented webinars focus on effectively managing daily stress.

Orange Flower

The Yoga of Hiking

A collection of movement oriented webInars that help you connect mind body and spirit with nature.  

Climbing Plants

Create Your Self-Directed Retreat

Workshops, handouts, podcasts and quizzes to help you design your personal Wellness Retreat

Meditation as Medicine

series of informative, interactive webInars balanced by evidenced based research

Health Recovery

Techniques for living well  with major medical conditions including Covid Recovery

Interior Design

Celebrate Your Self-Regard

Discover a library of Self-Care tools, techniques and Healing Rituals 

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Forest Pond Training

A six week course in meditation, mindfulness and simplicity. Live-stream or learn at your pace

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Retreat Info

General Information about the value of taking Wellness Retreat Classes

Stone Water Fountain

Global Meditation Groups

Join Our HeatMath Global Coherence Group- Free for All


Diabetes Wisdom for Women

A curated selection of powerful workshops and new learning for women with diabetes

Green Shake

Regenerative Living

Plant based nutrition and cooking ideas for living lightly on the planet

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