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meet the voice behind the imagery
Janet Doucette MA LMHC
Stress Relief Audio

Janet Doucette MA LMHC is a licensed psychotherapist who has been contributing guided imagery, soul journeys and clinical hypnosis for nearly twenty years.  She uses clinical guided imagery for health related concerns such as cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, and post surgical recovery.


When listening to guided imagery or meditation audio productions, quality recordings matter.

“I personally record all voice meditations and imagery in my Sound Studio using stereo microphones, performing my own editing and mixing.  All nature sounds are field recorded using a Sony Digital Audio recorder and mixed in my Sound Studio.


My hypnosis and imagery for health and well-being are designed using mind body techniques and physiologically specific audio cues that are relevant to the needs of certain health conditions.   Additionally, all guided imagery and hypnosis have been clinically tested using biofeedback for effectiveness.  These audio recordings have been used successfully in clinical settings for over twenty years.


The personal development and guided journey recording have been designed using a positive psychology and transpersonal psychology basis for gaining a better understanding of one’s emotional strengths and spiritual connections.”

Listen and Enjoy!

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