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HeartMath Institute's free Global Coherence App combines personal biofeedback with GPS Satellite technology.  Join meditators throughout the world and add your heart rate variability to the overall vibration of world compassion.  

Join our group: Forest Pond Meditations for free and utilize the Sentient Earth Meditation practice to spread good vibes and receive the energy of global kindness in return while seeing where all our members are on the map!


The Process:


  • Purchase an Inner Balance sensor from HeartMath and download the Free App (see links)

  • Download HeartMath's Free Global Coherence App (see links)

  • Join NEW Group in the Coherence App and add our CODE (CalmFlower74 ) 

  • Click the Link to Sentient Earth and learn the technique we practice in our group, while connected to the Global Coherence App. 

  • Or Click the Link to Healing Through Nature and view the moving meditation "Flight over the St. John Waterway."

The Forest Pond Meditation Group is


Obtain the free download "Sentient Earth Practice" on our

Forest Pond Meditation Group page and join us in our

global coherence group

Sometimes we are live-streaming

(Become a MEMBER to get notified) 


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3. Join Us
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Forest Pond
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