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Melanie Masdea-Dignum  LICSW, LCSW, ACHt

Behavioral Health Therapist -Type 2

Melanie has worked in an integrative functional medicine environment as a behavioral therapist, helping individuals and couples with lifestyle change through the facilitation of attitudinal shifts and habit modification.  Through the development of highly individualized action plans, she has encouraged individuals who are often experiencing the challenges of a delicate health profile. She uses a multitude of techniques to teach people how to jumpstart a sustainable wellness intention. She has lived with Type 2 Diabetes for over 20 years. 

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But First, Relax!

Before making decisions or planning a strategy it's helpful to take some time to relax.  By shifting your body and mind into a more contemplative state, you can more easily focus on the things that matter most to you. 

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover, its not what you were thinking in the first place!

Find a comfortable position in an easy chair or lie down on your couch or bed.  Cover yourself with a comfortable blanket and listen to this guided visualization with headphones or earbuds.

Now, Take the Mini-Workshop!

Intention Goal Mini-workshop_ad.PNG

Discover how to overcome obstacles to making important lifestyle changes or adapting to another level of your diabetes treatment.  Learn effective techniques to change habits and embrace your well-being with a positive attitude.

  • Discover the thoughts that hold you back from the path of achieving your healthy lifestyle goals.


  • Begin with a simple, personalized definition of what well-being means to you.


  • Identify what keeps you motivated.


  • Create a sustainable plan that makes YOU happy.

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