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What are Global Coherence Meditations?

HeartMath Institute's free Global Coherence App combines personal biofeedback with GPS Satellite technology. Join

meditators throughout the world and add your heart rate variability to the overall vibration of world compassion. From our Retreat Center, we meet daily at 7am on the Global Coherence App in the Forest Pond Meditation on-line group. We are now adding a featured meditation from our Retreat Center link, # MeditationDaily. You can join our Forest Pond Meditation Group, at no charge, with or without a sensor. To learn how, follow this link: Global Meditation Group.

This week our daily meditation focus is called "Staying in the Flow" . Feel free to meditate on your own or pair your coherence app in our Forest Pond Group and add the featured meditations in the MeditationDaily link.

Each weekly focus practice series has a meditation reminder. A slogan from meditation teachers reminding you about the process of meditation.

This week we used the instrumental meditation "Tir Mor Alinn" and this is our combined heart rhythm coherence. Give a healing meditation and receive healing heart rhythms from other meditators on the planet.

Join us, we would love to "feel" you there!

From the Mindstream!

Janet :)


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