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Prayers & Meditations for Ukraine

Consider joining a global meditation or prayer group. One of the groups I belong to is the HeartMath Global Coherence project. You can use a biofeedback sensor (or not!) and bring the power of your heartfelt compassion to a global scale. Since 2008, researchers have been collating data of the ability of human care and compassion to literally synchronize physiological rhythms with solar and geomagnetic activity. According to HeartMath, over 200,000 people in 154 countries are involved in the global coherence initiative.

To download the free App from HeartMath

You can also join the Wellness Retreat Global Meditation group: Forest Pond Meditations.

Many people feel helpless at times like this. They can be overwhelmed by their feelings of sympathy or empathy with those who are being attacked. This is actually a good time to generate compassion for yourself and others. To raise the level of compassion for the world, for invaders and the invaded alike, helps us feel connected with one another. Empowerment comes from "solidarity in motion. " It is the greatest antidote to fear and despair.

You can also join me in the Meditation Hall at The Mindstream Center for a healing meditation. Choose Anahata: A Heart Fulfilling Meditation.


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