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New Offering in the Retreat Center

Mindfulness is an practice that can be used to focus our intentions. One of the most difficult behaviors to change involves eating. What foods we choose to eat and how we eat them are governed by the brain's penchant to "habituate." What we do often, for instance eating three times or more per day, we tend to ignore.

Mindful awareness, then, becomes a great tool when we want to make changes. Anytime you blame or shame yourself for an eating habit you are having trouble changing, know it's a powerful habit that is held in place by your brain's willingness to "take over" decision making.

Mindfulness helps reset the brain's habituation "setting." It creates a new path for your brain to adjust its automatic behaviors. We just added the # mindful eating meditation series in the Retreat Center. This series is free to all. Follow this direct link or explore the Retreat Center and scroll to the bottom to find the image on the right.


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