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meditationDaily Update at the Virtual Retreat Center

We have added a series of seven different meditation programs you can use as daily practices. Each series contains 3-4 meditations to help expand your awareness. From posture to mindfulness, from dedicating a daily Bodhichitta Vow to meditation training, we are offering seven different levels and aspirations to help you explore what it means to meditate.

Choose from:

Daily Practices - One

Daily Practices - Two

Mindfulness Practices

Staying in the Flow Series

Voice of the Land Series

Meditating in Nature

True Nature Buddhist Series

meditationDaily is fully accessible to all members at the The Mindstream Center. It is part of your membership benefit. To view the selections and use the meditation programs, go to the VIRTUAL RETREAT CENTER and scroll down. Find the meditationDaily LOGO (see above) and Select.

Let us know what you think!

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