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Announcing a New Book: Getting To Gamma!

Our Stormview Mountain Press publishing department is announcing a Kickstarter opportunity for the book Getting to Gamma: A Journey for Those Who Didn't Expect to Take One. I am excited to report my book is nearly completed, with only two chapters left to write. This is a great time to ask for support at the Kickstarter fundraising site where supporters will receive advance editions (PDF, e-Book or print editions) and a Blue Lotus Official Supporter mug for donations of $25 or more.

In the blog posts to come, I will link to our podcast discussions as well as special offers, quizzes and information about the book.

See these links for selected further information:

  • The Stormview Mountain Press webpage offers a video about the book with a link to the Official Supporter Kickstart page.

  • Kickstarter website to learn more about becoming an Official Supporter

  • The newly designed Webportal for the book and its 35 downloadable exercises

  • Newly released "interview with the author" at the Podcast Hut


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