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Anahata: The Heart Fulfulling Meditation:


 Anahata is the Sanskrit word for pure heart energy. In this meditation you will connect to the power of pure inner knowledge, prajina, which opens the heart for self-love, appreciation, healing and the development of compassion for all living beings. 

Cultivating Bodhichitta

Bodhichitta is the heart felt attitude of aspiring to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. It is good to begin a meditation with this intention.  Listen to this short aspiration prayer.   

Posture Instruction

Sitting in a meditation posture for long periods of time can be challenging.  Use this instruction to find ways to stay comfortable while learning a meditation practice.

Mindful Breathing Technique

This breathing style of inhaling and exhaling - equally- to the count of five seconds, aligns your heart rhythms to your breath.  It increases your mind ~body connection and creates a space for a deep meditative experience.  

Take a Tea Break

Take a ten minute mindfulness tea break. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down comfortably and listen to this meditation as you sip your tea. Mindfulness is the readiness and willingness to be present, right now. So focus all of your attentions on the sensations of drinking your tea allow you to really relax and enjoy ten minutes of just being present.

Mirror Lake Reflections

This guided imagery helps you deepen your mind body awareness by using your breath. Many people experience distracting thoughts while practicing meditation. Don't be discouraged, keep practicing! Every distraction is actually a wonderful opportunity to "let go" and move into a deeper awareness. Use this meditation often, especially if you feel frustrated when you try to meditate.

Focused Awareness

This mindfulness lesson helps you enter your body’s mind by focusing your attention on your hands, feet, and breath. What distractions come up for you when you try to stay in your body? Do this selection for about two meditation sessions.

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