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steps along the journey

The practice of meditation on a daily basis is like taking a journey in your mind to discover your truest nature.  As you go deeper and deeper in your practice, meditation itself becomes your most eloquent teacher.

In the beginning of your practice, insights or simple truths begin to surface in your mind as fresh, unique thoughts which can appear quite illuminating at first.  However, its important not to let these insights distract you.  

As you explore the nature of  your mind, its easy to get caught up in your experiences.  In order to keep you on the right path, we offer some steps along your journey to help you understand the nature of meditation itself.

Receive Inspire Notes

When you signup for an InspireNote, you will receive a random email that will help you find inspiration in every day of your life. These InspireNotes come when you least expect them. 


Their randomness actually trains the inspirational part of your mind to begin to notice everything there is to notice in your day to day life – but from the mindful perspective of empowered inspiration.   

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