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Getting to Gamma

Getting to Gamma teaches readers how cultivating specific key insights can lead to authentic life enjoyment.  Compassionate self-regard promotes the use of powerful stress resiliency tools. It also creates an opportunity to experience contentment even while facing major life challenges. Many people believe stress must be eliminated to enjoy life. However, that approach usually creates even more struggle.  It turns out there really are secret keys to the art of living a more satisfying life.

This book offers case studies and knowledge gained directly from the practice of meditation. The author offers readers a rare glimpse into her personal path of creating contentment in the face of grave adversity. It’s in this process of combining ancient wisdom with modern science that she helps others to actively improve their own lives.

Getting to Gamma can help you manage stress, discover inner strength and, ultimately, re-invent your life.

Artfully combining biofeedback, the mind body medicine approach, and insights supported by the hard science behind meditation, author Janet Ware-Doucette has created a series of incredibly effective instructional exercises, techniques and practical tools that anyone can learn.  From corporate executives and business leaders, to athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and professionals in all different fields, thousands of her clients have successfully used these techniques.

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