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Who Is On Your

Diabetes Care Team?

It's important to have a Care Team that is knowledgable and up to date on technology, medications, and support for people with diabetes. 

  • Certified Diabetes Education and Care Specialists (CDECS) are specially trained professionals who assist people with diabetes.

  • Registered Nurses (RN) who are also CDECS can be especially helpful in identifying problematic issues and making timely medical referrals that benefit their patients.

  • Holistic RNs who are CDECS offer a unique focus of empowerment which helps patients with diabetes in many important ways.

  • Endocrinologists

  • Primary Care / MD/ NP/ PA

  • Nutritionists/ Dietitians:  Look for those practitioners who are also Certified Diabetes Education and Care Specialists (CDECS).

  • Certified Health Coaches who are licensed professional counselors, nurses or specialists who have are trained to knowledgeably assist people with diabetes navigate lifestyle and behavioral changes.  

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