Most people are relatively unaware of their physiological responses to various stressful events. Biofeedback helps train individuals to regulate physiological functions associated with stress such as elevated heart rate, blood pressure or blood flow and excessive muscle tension.  The purpose is to help people learn how to self-regulate automatic functions of which they are generally not aware.

How does Biofeedback Work?

The mind has a very powerful effect on the body.  Biofeedback teaches you how to use this “mind body connection” in positive ways.   Most people find the benefits continue indefinitely, after training is completed.  Your mind, your thoughts and feelings and your body are more than connected; they are of one piece.  The body is more sensitive and reactive than most people realize.  Biofeedback is a Mind Body Medicine approach and is a combination of  treatments from evidenced based research in the field of psycho-neuro-immunology.

How Can Biofeedback Help?

Biofeedback is helpful in teaching people how to develop and maintain effective stress coping skills. But the use of this sophisticated medical grade instrumentation can do so much more than reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and pain.  Combined with meditation and other mind body practices, biofeedback can be used to hone skills of awareness, personal development, creativity and intuition.

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