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Forest Pond Meditation


Learn how to meditate effectively in this six week course. Study at your own pace.  Meditation helps develop awareness, reduce stress and increases personal happiness.  It can also improve your immune system and lower your rate of aging. 

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Managing Stress for Diabetes


Learn how stress affects blood sugar management and what you can do about it.  Use mind-body techniques and practices to become more stress resilient. Presented at the TCOYD (Take Care of Your Diabetes) national conference in Albany, NY by Janet Doucette, MA LMHC a licensed therapist who also T2.

Physiology of Tranquility


Learn how to use the mind-body perspective to become more stress resilient.  In this short presentation you will discover how your body is hard-wired to deal effectively with stress.

Improve your relationships, health, and ability to experience greater peace.

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in a Nutshell


Discover what mindfulness is and what it isn't.  It's true, we can't stop stress from happening, we can only change how we respond to it.  In this short presentation you will learn a mindfulness technique you can practice daily.