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Janet Doucette MA LMHC

Founder/ Director

Janet Doucette MA LMHC is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and skilled executive coach who has specialized experience in the integrative fields of mind body medicine, biofeedback and Buddhist/ mindfulness based psychotherapy. She provides evidenced based integrative wellness services for individuals and groups using tele-counseling technology and her interactive website. She has over twenty years of experience helping people develop a deeper sense of well-being, improved physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Through her work as a former Life Management therapist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA,  faculty member at Canyon Ranch Institute and her private consulting company, Mindstream Biofeedback  & Consulting, she has helped executives, athletes, writers, and medical professionals develop optimal career performance that is balanced with emotional and physical well-being.

An expert in the field of stress resiliency and mind body medicine, Janet offers professional training, seminars and workshops for clinical practitioners.  Participants learn functional methods, tools and skillful means by which they can evoke growth and alleviate suffering.  


Melanie Masdea-Dignum LICSW, LCSW, ACHt

Behavioral Health Specialist

Melanie has worked in an integrative functional medicine environment as a behavioral therapist, helping individuals and couples with lifestyle change through the facilitation of attitudinal shifts and habit modification.  Through the development of highly individualized action plans, she has encouraged individuals who are often experiencing the challenges of a delicate health profile. She uses a multitude of techniques to teach people how to jumpstart a sustainable wellness intention.

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Connie Hanham-Cain RN, BSN, MSN, CDECS

Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist - Type1

Connie has extensive experience as a holistic behavioral health nurse and CDE working with diverse populations of all ages. Her background includes lifelong study and practice of dance and body awareness disciplines, meditation and spiritual awareness techniques.  She teaches virtual retreat classes in diabetes topics, developing body awareness, advanced duration diabetes as well as energy medicine and dance. Connie is a contributing author to the book My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes, available at Amazon

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