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Tea Break Meditation:

Take a ten minute mindfulness tea break. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down comfortably and listen to this meditation as you sip your tea. Mindfulness is the readiness and willingness to be present, right now. So focus all of your attentions on the sensations of drinking your tea allow you to really relax and enjoy ten minutes of just being present.

How often do you drink tea or coffee while reading a newspaper, a book, or while chatting on the phone? Our Observer Minds are lulled into complacency. Why not devote a ten minute "Tea Break" to developing a mindfulness practice? Many people pracrtice meditation by removing themselved from activity. This is a wonderful opportunity to hone your awareness while doing a familiar activity.  Download free.

Cultivating Bodhichitta

Bodhichitta is the heart felt attitude of aspiring to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings. It is good to begin a meditation with this intention.  Listen this short aspiration prayer in the audio player.  below. Download Free.

Mirror Lake Reflections 

This guided imagery helps you deepen your mind body awareness by using your breath. Many people experience distracting thoughts while practicing meditation. Don't be discouraged, keep practicing! Every distraction is actually a wonderful opportunity to "let go" and move into a deeper awareness. Use this meditation often, especially if you feel frustrated when you try to meditate. RUNTIME 10 minutes.

The Magic Island

This guided imagery has hypnotic pain relief for children managing or recovering from major illness such as cancer or surgery. This free download was designed and recorded by Janet Doucette, MA LMHC, a mind body psychotherapist and biofeedback specialist. RUNTIME 30 minutes.

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Focused Awareness

This mindfulness lesson helps you enter your body’s mind by focusing your attention on your hands, feet, and breath. What distractions come up for you when you try to stay in your body? Do this selection for about two meditation sessions. RUNTME: 15 minutes.

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